西武新宿で切符をかって、Ben Foldsをききながら秋って良いなぁとかおもってあるきだした。
my friend invited me to his church's bible study and i went there.
when i changed train, i bought train ticket listening to Ben Folds and thinking that Fall is great. and i started to walk.

and i realized something


my train ticket was gone.
i left it after i paid for that.
but it was before i got in(obviously i can't get in) so i went back and saw a man who seemed like got my train ticket ran off somewhere.

aaaaaaah, come on! i hate Tokyo!!

but actually he went to look for me cuz i left my ticket.

thanks Mister. i like you. but i can't like train yet.

that night after the bible study, i went to stay in my friends house.
ooh, i found the comics i liked and started to read. it was really late.
next day i had to go for a meeting so got up. got to the station. and there i had no idea which Metro line to take. there were 4!!
i was just so lost. and left my ticket again. what is happening. Jesus are you gonna take me away soon? YAY!!

the meeting finished like 2pm, and i had to go to another place by 6 cuz we were gonna play basket ball.
well. i had time. i just thought i could walk.
you know. i and Adam walked 40Km in southKorea. in our pajamas and filp flops
5 station away? no probrem for me.
and i got there. probably was looking like a homeless cuz i was on a bench for like 3 hours or so. brushing my teeth and stuff.

Playing basked ball was great fun. but i twisted my right leg.
i can't recall myself not twisting my leg when i play basketball.

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来年の春、結婚します。  I'll get married in next spring

「来年の○、結婚します」とぃぅタィトルにしなきゃぃけなぃ バトン☆ミ

it's a land mine,if you saw it and have a blog, gotta do it.
the title has to be "i'll get married in next OO "
if you were born in
Jan-March Spring
April-June Summer
July-Sept Fall
Oct-Dec Winter



1.結婚するなら何歳でしたい? what age do you wanna get married.


2.子どもは何人欲しい? how many kids do you want?

 hmm, 3? well only God knows how many.

3.何歳で子ども産みたい? what age do you want to give birth.

ooh, i don't have a womb....

4.理想の男性or女性は? what is your ideal man or woman?


I really think that women are beautiful when they are serving God wholeheartedly
smart and understands all the jokes.
Musical. (at least good taste of music)

5.新婚旅行は何処に行きたい? where do you wanna go for honeymoon?


6.好きな人or恋人はいますか? are you in love with someone?

i kinda like more than 2 people

7.その人の何処を好きになりましたか? why do you like the person?
come on. not "the" person.
8.デートでは手を繋いで歩きたい派? when you go out for a date, do you wanna hold hands to walk?

you know. both hands and ear phones.

9.結婚とはあなたにとって何ですか? what is Marriage for you ?

Joy, a gift from God. also. a great lesson to learn to Love.
it'll be great to be with some one i love!!

10.浮気に対してどう思いますか? how do you think about an affair?

a gate to adultery.

11.あなたが思う浮気とは? what is the definition of an affair for you?

what you would hate when your mate does. if i were married i wouldn't IM. it's not about how far can i go? but anything smells like it can be an affair

12.離婚に対してどう思いますか? how do you think about divorce?

it's something really sad about this world. people can't commit theirselves.
i think it can also come from unbelief that God is not in control.

13.願いが3つ叶うなら、何を願う? 3 wishes?

1 全部の交通機関がただになる  all the transportation being free for me.
2 世界中のCD欲しい。I want all the CD's in the world
3 天国行きたい、早めに。i wanna go home! Heaven. ASAP 

14.特技はありますか? what are you good at?

i can say "what are you doin' under the table??" in 6 languages.

15.苦手な事はありますか? what are you bad at?

i can't hide it when something i don't like happens. people can tell.

16.好きな科目は何ですか? favorite subject?

i didn't like school. but Jap History was fun.

17.嫌いな科目は何ですか? subject you don't like?

数学 math

18.1月〜12月で、どれが一番好きですか? which month do you like??

i can't name it.cuz i've been around the world and you know.
but i like summer

19.それは何故ですか? why?

why? hmm ,cuz it's not too cold. i can go to beach.

20.あなたは今幸せですか? are you happy now?

can't complain. Never
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Again on Excite




well. i changed the blog. i just felt like it.
it's been more than a week since i updated my blog, you maybe wondering what's up with me. well i've been on a traveling team in Tokyo.
they've been going around in Japan but i joined just in Tokyo.

well it was just so great.
i loved to be in Doulos ministry again. challenging people for mission. preaching God's word, and being able to see God working in front of my eyes.

first 2 days, we went to international hi-b.a.(high school born againers) on friday, we went to Japanese hi-b.a. to challenge high school students to mission. on Saturday, Sunday, we went to 4 churches and had presentation in 3 churches. on monday, we went to Tokyo Christian University.

well it was reallygreat. girls were so surprised by how much people can fit into a train(literally we were PACKED!!!)
on saturday,we left to chiba like 7 am. cuz we were afraid of traffic jam. since we didn't have big jam.we got there a bit early. Makoto Decided to wash his car.
the car washing machine freaked Hannah out.




アモス 5:23 あなたがたの歌の騒ぎを、わたしから遠ざけよ。わたしはあなたがたの琴の音を聞きたくない。




Sunday morning. we went to a church in the middle of Tokyo.
what all of us thought was... this church smells like prosperity teaching church.
basically what the pastor preached that morning was "you Give a lot. God will give you a lot more. " okay, i know that in Malachi it tells us to test God for giving offering. but, the pastor preachied with 6 points. they didn't look that biblical. i don't know. maybe he just didn't mention which verse he God that from but looked like that service was missing something of GOSPEL the good news.

also the"worship"time. should i say Music time? it didn't help me to come before God.

Amos 5:23 Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps.

it really looked like this verse above.

they also said that 50 people were baptized in that church this year. you know what i was thinking? For 5 years no one got baptized in my church (praise God! we had 3 got baptized this November.) what do they believe? Gospel? i'll rejoyce with all of my being. if it was God' love which saved us from our sin and death panishment. through his only son, the blood of lamb of God. but i can't, and souldn't if their GOOD NEWS is missing something. it's a Life-Death issue. if what they believe is only in God who blesses them and "Good all the time" (i really believe being blessed means being right with God.)

well. we are no one to judge. we just went to that church only once. we never know what they preach usually. so in the car after the service. we talked about it and i really felt God telling me to pray for the churches preach prosperity Gospel. one of us was even crying as she prayed for them including her friends.
being real honest. i thought"gosh, we should have stayed in my church and had presentation" but i believe God brought us to that church to teach us to pray instead of judging.


in the afternoon, we went to another church to have 3 hours program. it was great. though it looked like too less people because of how big the place was. we could do Missions bag presentation. so it' good.
after the program, there came a man when i was talking with my friend. he said.

"look, you asked in the message, "Can God say I know. when we say to him that we love him?" i can't even say to him that i love him. yup,i come to church every week. i join bible study. i like God. i know God doesn't like my life style and telling me to quit that. but i don't want to. i love this life. and i tell him No"

so we talked like half an hour about why living the life of integrity is important and God pleasing. that living a bouble life is not possible since it can't be gray, God pleasing or not. black or white.

he really didn't want to change. but i could see that God was really talking to him. the fact he came and talked to me could testify that.
so i said "let' pray. and you, pray too in the end."
we started to pray. i prayed, my friend prayed. and he was on his knees. started to weep and pray "God, i don't know where to begin and what to say, i know that i will fail again and again. but i realize that it's not my power but yours to keep me going. i want give it a try again.... i want to Love you"

it was a glorious moment. God opening someone's heart and speaking to him, showing how much he loves us....Him.
i couldn't help crying. thank God. i really do. he is amazing God and this is why i pray to him not to exclude me from his mininstry.
he's on the right side of this picture. please pray for him. that he'll not give it up. being overwhelmed by sin and dissapointment toward himself.



Monday, we had to Go to chiba again to Tokyo Christian University. since it was on Monday, we expect a traffic jam like really bad one. we decided to leave 6:30. though we told the girls about it, they weren't awake when Makoto and I got out and were ready to leave. so we left.
actually, we pretended to.
Ai hua's hand was moving soooooooo fast as we saw her brushing her teeth on the mirror as we left and went to the back of our house.
ok, we left 7am we had to get there by 11:30. we got there 9:30 haha, there was no traffic jam that's like a miracle.
but we, Makoto and I looked stupid lol it's ok. we had a great time in Fiki's house.
as we had a program and when i was translating Hannah's testimony, i couldn't remamber a polite way of saying "good way of telling the gospel" and used slang. my friends at the back were laughing a lot.
it's ok. i don't talk formally usually.

time flied and we are done with Tokyo.
thank God for using us silly people for his Glory.


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