it's been a while.

yup. it's been a while since i wrote something.
i've been away all the time.
25-28th of Dec, i was at the youth camp for 12-18 years old.
31 Dec-3 Jan i was at the New year Family camp,
and from 3-5 Jan, i was at the hi-b.a camp.
busy busy busy busy busy!
but i had a whole lot of fun. God has spooke to me these times as well of cause.

12/25-28は奥多摩中高生キャンプ、 12/31-1/3は奥多摩の新年聖会、 1/3-5はhi-b.a.のBキャンピュに参加してきたわけですが…。

the first youth camp.. well. from 24th, from christmas eve, i was so sick, though i had to prepare for the camp, i was too sick to prepare, i went to bed at 8:00pm because of the evil head ache.
then on 25th, the preparation day, it seemed ok, i was thinking "ok, i'll make it."

haha well i was not really right about that. i couldn't even sleep that night.

do you know the song "Brick" by Ben folds five??
it's a sad song, and it's a great tune then it starts like this.

"6 am, day after christmas i threw some cloths on in the dark..."
then what happened?

i threw up like a hmmm, what shall i say... anyway i threw up like crazy.
last time i threw up was the first voyage on the ship. from South Africa to Madagascar. i was throwing up in the toilet closest from the Galley, the one right out of the Engine room. then some one was hitting on the door, i was throwing up! but he wouldn't quit.
i opened the door and there stood a tall guy yes, it was stephen. tears in his eyes.
looking desperate, he ran in and threw up, we are friends from that time. and for ever...

i just wanted to say that i was dead when the camp started.
then the other leaders weren't really like me (maybe i should say i'm not really like Japanese people.) so i felt like whatever i did was wrong.
i was dying, emotionally as well.



Ben folds five の brick って曲があるんだけど、悲しい失恋の曲でさ、こんな感じで始まるのよ。




but thank God, Spiritually, i was so blessed and kept by him.
the night before, we all the staff for this camp opened bible and prayed together, we read psalm 51, David's prayer of repentance.
Man, it was great.
we were reading through it, but you know that sometimes one phrase gets your attention and you can't go further more.
and i got stuck at verse 12.
"Restore to me ther joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me."

surely, asking for the willing spirit. and God granting it sustained me through this camp.


i could worship God through leading worship.
well, i wept on first night when we were singing the songs singing about Jesus' cross and his resurrection(it was first time i cried during leading worship. i can see how desperate i was.) and usually worship leader going to God alone isn't good.(really. worship leader should worship but shouldn't go alone. gotta lead the other worshipers to where God is.) but God used it. there was one girl who wasn't a believer, then she wondered "why is this guy so seriously touched by the death of this man called Jesus?" and by the time the camp ended, she got it. that Jesus died for HER sins and resurreced! praise God.


i also spoke in 2 optional seminars, and for the one about purity, all the boys came! gosh, it was so unexpected. i was thinking of doing it for maybe like 5-10. but over 20 came.
they Got the message and i'm glad. some of them didn't know even what virgin is. Sex was made by God, and he said "very good" about this world, including sex.
i sometimes wish that i could hear how important purity is when i was like 12-15.


any ways, it was a great time, God sustained me. praise be only to him.
and i clearly thought and prayed, "God, don't exclude me from your ministry please!!"


the second one was the New year family camp.i had a lot of fun!!!

so Japanese looking huh?

this is mochi tsuki,"mochi" is "rice cake" and "tsuki" is hmm,"hummering" cuz"tsuku" is "to hummer"
this is one of beautiful Japanese traditions to make rice cakes on new year days.

the picture below.
this is one beautiful picture, the guy who has the hummer is the lady on the left's husband.
when he was hummering, though there were no words between them we could hear an amazingly beautiful conversation between them

wife: you can do it! yes. ah, you are amazing. strong man.
Husband:See this!! it's for you! i want you to eat amazing mochi!!

seeing that made us (shingo and i ) want to get married lol


K:あなた、頑張って! 力強いあなたを見ているのが好きなのよ。


well, i tried as well. and can you guess what happened?

the Mochi flied!!!
it sticked to the hummer and went up with it as i lifted the hummer!!
then it landed amazingly into the dirt. hahha.
after this, everyone was hungry. but thank God, we had a lot more of mochi...





it was good.


of cause we had Natto as well!

the hi-b.a camp also was amazing but i'll just put the picture.
i'm tired. and aftraid of deleting everything.
it really was a great camp!! and i was glad to have these boys in our room!

その後のhi-b.a. キャンプも素晴らしかったけど、写真だけのせるわ。


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