"welcome child" he said.

"Aslan." said Lucy. "You're bigger."

"That's because you are older, little one." answered he.

"not because you are?"

"I am not. But every time you grow, you will find me bigger."

this dialogue between Lucy and Aslan in the chronicles of Narnia describes so much of our relationship with God.

the more mature we get, we'll find him bigger.

as we mature, our eyes will be opened to his beauty, glory, power and all other things about him.

and we'll just stand in awe of him...

what's amazing is that when the Son comes back, he'll glorify us. he'll give us glorified bodies such as:

glorified eyes to see his beauty,

glorified ears to hear his words,

glorified minds to know him more,

and glorified hearts to love him.

We'll be seeking him forever, there will be no end for the quest of getting to know him.

We'll keep on finding him bigger!!!

oh. i'm excited to get there. to enjoy him.
by akirasoyama | 2009-02-09 11:35 | thoughts

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